Thank you for visiting Crystal Ragdolls

We are a small TICA Registered Ragdoll Cattery located in Camarillo, CA.

We are centrally located in SoCal between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Orange & Ventura Counties,  as well as the surrounding areas.

We have been breeding our Ragdolls for over 10 years. Our first ragdoll is now 18 years old.

The breed is known to be great as a Family Pet as they get along with dogs and young kids. Some of their well known traits are to be very laid back, sweet, and have a loving personality.

We only breed first for health and then for personality! We are a HCM free cattery. TICA registered and have participated in Ragdoll Shows often over the years.

We strive to breed big cats with a gentle nature and are known for their sweet personalities. Raised underfoot in our home and socialized with our children, other pets and friends.  They are fed a mixture of raw, wet and grain free dry foods.

We sell only to people that want a kitten for a lifelong commitment. We believe animals are a big responsibility and should be carefully thought about before purchase. We have a strict screening process.

No declawing is allowed and these cats should strictly be indoor only. Due to there laid back and curious nature they will stray/follow people home, they will go up to dogs unknown to the dangers.

We have several ragdoll kitten litters throughout the year.  At times our Reservation List (Deposits placed) gets full, so we do have a Waiting List (Stand by, no Deposit placed) that you are welcome to submit your name.

We thank you for your interest in our Crystal Ragdolls and look forward to hearing from you!

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