A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to save the kitten of your choice!

What’s the difference between Waiting List and Reserved list?

  • Waiting list is when you contact us about a kitten with your desired color/gender/etc.
    • We place your name on our list in the order it was received and when a potential litter is born with your preferences, you are contacted
  • Reserved list
    • We have received your non-refundable deposit of $500.oo
    • We place your name at the top of our list with your preferences
    • You pick your kitten if more than 1 is born with your preferences
    • If for any reason (moving, family issues, or timing) you cannot receive your kitten, your deposit can be moved to another litter that has your preferences
    • There is a 2 year time limit to choose another kitten

Our Process

  • Please remember, that although we are planning for the litters listed on our Breeding Plans Page, Mother Nature determines the outcome!
  • When a litter is born, they are typed/colored/gendered and the next potential families that are on the Reserved List are contacted.
    • Should any of our Reserved List waive their choice of a kitten then we contact our Waiting List
  • Paid Deposit puts you on our Reserved List
    • Deposits are Non Refundable
      • Deposit amounts go towards food, vaccines and general care
    • choice of color/type
    • preferred gender
    • or if you have no preferences
    • Updates of growth with pictures/video every 2 weeks via email or text.
    • Visitation of your kitten is provided after they have received their 1st set of shots (8 wks)
  • Our Kittens are ready to leave for their Purrever Homes between 11 & 15 weeks based on their growth and social development.
    • We will notify you when your kitten is ready to go home.
  • Please keep in mind that there may already be people on waiting list with the same desires, so although we may have a litter planned, it may not be your litter.
  • Depending on your preferences, this process may take up to 2 years. As stated above, Mother Nature determines the quality and quantity of each litter.
  • When a kitten is ready to leave for their Purrever Home we have several options
    • You can Pick up your new kitten
      • You MUST HAVE a kitten carrier, this is for the kittens safety and they will not leave unless they are placed in a carrier!
      • Delivery/Pet transporter-price varies on location for local
      • Shipping
        • $500 fee, includes carrier, bed, food & health certificate
        • Escorted, add airfare


Deposits are applied towards total kitten price

Pet or Show Quality Altered

  • Starting Price is $800.00 and up

Breeder Quality

  • We only sell to established breeders who want to show and have an interest in long term commitment to the Ragdoll Breed.
  • Please Contact Us for prices

We are a Los Angeles CA TICA Registered Ragdoll Cattery.
We are centrally located in SoCal to provide Crystal Ragdolls to Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, Northern CA, Saint George Utah, Las Vegas NV and the surrounding areas.